March 24, 2017

Occasional Papers

The ACDIS Occasional Paper series is the program’s principal publication for circulating the scholarly analytical results of studies by faculty, students, and visiting researchers associated with ACDIS. Click on a title to access more information and full-text PDF files.

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Roger Kanet. The Failed Western Challenge to Russia's Revival in Eurasia. 2015.

Dina Moulioukova ; Roger E. Kanet. Russian Energy Policy: Implications for Global Energy Security. 2015.

Yang Zhang. The Cold War, Space Exploration, and the Sino-US Relationship, 1956-1970. 2010.

Mahmudul Huque. The Case against Nuclearization of South Asia. 2010.

Vandana Asthana. Cross-Border Terrorism in India: Counterterrorism Strategies and Challenges. 2010.

Roger E. Kanet. Four Decades of Soviet Economic Assistance: Superpower Economic Competition in the Developing World. 2010.

Roger E. Kanet. From Cooperation to Confrontation: Russia and the United States since 9/11. 2009.

Roger E. Kanet. The Return of Imperial Russia: Russia and Its Neighbors. 2008.

Srini Sitaraman. Explaining China’s Continued Resistance Towards Human Rights Norms: A Historical Legal Analysis. 2008.

Stephen W. Joy; John Warren Kindt. Internet Gambling and the Destabilization of National and International Economies: Time for a Comprehensive Ban on Gambling Over the World Wide Web. 2007.

John Warren Kindt. Gambling with Terrorism and U.S. Military Readiness: Time to Ban Video Gambling Devices on U.S. Military Bases and Facilities?. 2007.

Abhishek Kapoor. Secularism and the Politics of Religion: Whither South Asia?. 2006.

Vandana Asthana; A.C. Shukla. Anatomy of Interlinking Rivers in India: A Decision in Doubt. 2005.

Nasrullah Mirza. Economic Cooperation between Pakistan and India: Need, Problems, and Prospects. 2005.

Jonathan Allen. Warrant to Torture?: A Critique of Dershowitz and Levinson. 2005.

Anne E.C. Brynn; John Warren Kindt. Destructive Economic Policies in the Age of Terrorism: Government-Sanctioned Gambling as Encouraging Transboundary Economic Raiding and Destabilizing National and International Economies. 2005.

Dwight Roblyer. Beyond Precision: Issues of Morality and Decision Making in Minimizing Collateral Casualties. 2004.

Nawrin Samrina. Energy Security for Bangladesh: Prospects and Strategic Implications of Natural Gas. 2004.

Faisal Cheema. Macroeconomic Stability of Pakistan: The Role of the IMF and World Bank (1997–2003). 2004.

Mustafa Moinuddin. Drinking Death in Groundwater: Arsenic Contamination as a Threat to Water Security for Bangladesh. 2004.

Kelly Gates. The Past Perfect Promise of Facial Recognition Technology. 2004.

Suba Chandran. Limited War with Pakistan: Will It Secure India’s Interests? . 2004.

Shakoor Khakwani. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan: The Case of the Recent Military Intervention (October 12, 1999) and Its Implications for Pakistan's Security Milieu. 2003.

Asmatullah Khan. Economic and Political Prospects of Nuclear Pakistan. 2003.

Emanuel Pastreich. Sovereignty, Wealth, Culture, and Technology: Mainland China and Taiwan Grapple with the Parameters of “Nation State” in the 21st Century. 2003.

Jaideep Saikia. Terror sans Frontiers: Islamic Militancy in North East India. 2003.

A.C. Shukla. Welfare Economics and Growing Inequalities in South Asia. 2003.

Eric Nathaniel Heller. Power Projections of the People’s Republic of China: An Investigative Analysis of Defensive and Offensive Realism in Chinese Foreign Policy. 2003.

Bushra Hasina Chowdhury. Building Lasting Peace: Issues of the Implementation of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Accord. 2002.

Clifford E. Singer. The New Nuclear Arms Control Environment: Trip Report and Project Conclusions [revised]. 2002.

Amy Sands; Clifford E. Singer. Keys to Unblocking Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control [revised]. 2002.

Mauricio Solaún. U.S. Interventions in Latin America: "Plan Colombia". 2002.

Louise Gibbs. Is The European Union Becoming a Great Power?. 2001.

Clifford E. Singer. Unblocking Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control (Chinese translation). 2001.

Clifford E. Singer. Sortir de l'impasse actuelle dans les pourparlers de maîtrise multilatérale des armements nucléaires (French translation of Unblocking Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control). 2001.

Clifford E. Singer. Die multilaterale nukleare Rüstungskontrolle aus der Sackgasse holen (German translation of Unblocking Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control). 2001.

Clifford E. Singer. Razblokirovanie protsessa mnogostoronnego kontrolia za iadernymi vooruzheniiami (Russian translation of Unblocking Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control). 2001.

Renyi Cao. Vision of Security of The Asian-Pacific Region. 2000.

Christian Enemark. Protection Pending: Changing the Lock on Pandora's Box. 2000.

Lt. Col. Roy E Horton. Out of South Africa: Pretoria's Nuclear Weapons Experience. 2000.

Lt. Col. John E Hyten. A Sea of Peace or a Theater of War: Dealing with the Inevitable Conflict in Space. 2000.

Edward A. Kolodziej. Security Studies for the Next Millennium: Quo Vadis. 2000.

Edward A. Kolodziej. The Great Powers and Genocide: Lessons from Rwanda. 2000.

Nicholas R. Pederson. The French Desire for Uranium. 2000.

P. R. Chari. Protection of Fissile Materials: The Indian Experience. 1998.

Stephen P. Cohen. The United States, India, and Pakistan: Retrospect and Prospect. 1997.

Aabha Dixit. Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan: Does India have a Role to Play?. 1997.

Jeffery M. Heftman. An Evaluation of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the U. S. National Interest. 1997.

Cyril Obi. Oil, Environmental Conflict and National Security in Nigeria. 1997.

The Internet, Transnational Networking, and Regional Security in South Asia: Some Possibilities for the Near Future. 1997.

Lot. Col. Greg Schneider. Nonlethal Weapons: Considerations for Decision Makers. 1997.

Aqil S Shah. Non-Official Dialogue between India and Pakistan: Prospects and Problems. 1997.

Arun Singh. India & Pakistan: The Military Balance: 1985--1994. 1997.

Thomas Morgan; Clifford E. Singer; Jason Zych. The 1995 Review and Extension of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 1996.

Clifford E. Singer. Look before You Leap: A Practical Framework for Reduction and Possible Elimination of Assembled Nucelar Explosives Holdings. 1996.

Moonis Ahmar. The Road to Peace in South Asia: Lessons for India and Pakistan from the Arab-Israeli Peace Process. (3rd Edition). 1996.

Rajesh Basrur. South Asia's Persistent Cold War. 1996.

William E Ferry; Roger E. Kanet. Russian-Chinese-US Relations and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region.. 1996.

Kenneth Bridges. Back in the Chips. 1995.

Dennis L. Danielson. Theater Missile Defense and the ABM Treaty: Either-Or? . 1995.

Nancy Gallagher. Collaborative Verification and the Control of Nuclear Tests. 1995.

Neeraj Kaushal. India's Defense Budget: Can it be reduced?. 1995.

Roger E. Kanet; Alexander V. Kozhemiakin. Democratization and Foreign Policy Change: The Case of the Russian Federation. 1995.

Sundeep Waslekar. Track-Two Diplomacy in South Asia (Second Edition). 1995.

Cori Faklaris. Power of the Womb: The Relationship between Population Strategies and the Status of Women. 1994.

Paul W. Schroeder. The New World Order: A Historical Perspective. 1994.

P. R. Chari. The IPKF Experience in Sri Lanka. 1994.

Guy J. Fritchman. U.S. Procurement of Weapon Components from Foreign Sources: Policy Implications. 1993.

Gerardo L Munck. Conflict Resolution Through International Intervention: A Comparative Study of Cambodia and El Salvador. 1993.

Itty Abraham. Producing Defense: Reinterpreting Civil-Military Relations in India. 1992.

James Alexander. American Foreign Policy in the Third World: New World Order, Rhetoric or Reality?. 1992.

Paul F. Diehl. United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Some Win-Win Applications. 1992.

S. Rashid Naim. Aadhi Raat Ke Baad ("After Midnight"). 1992.

Additional Titles in the ACDIS Occasional Papers Series

Note: the following publications are not currently available electronically, but may exist in ACDIS print copy archives. Please contact the ACDIS office if you are interested in a particular title.

Susanne M. Birgerson, Alexander V. Kozhemiakin, and Roger E. Kanet. Russian Policy in Africa: Disengagement or Cooperation. 1996.

Wilson Guilbeaux, Jr. Boost Phase Intercept: Implications for Theater Missile Defense. 1996.

John Warren Kindt. U.S. National Security and the Strategic Economic Base: The Business-Economic Impacts of the Legalization of Gambling Activities. 1996.

Paul W. Schroeder. A Critique of the Critique of Historical Reality versus Neorealist Theory. 1996.

Gaela Keith Gehring. The Changing Role of Women in the Economy. 1994.

Partha Ghosh. United States and India: The Reality and the Hope. 1994.

David Parent. A Case Analysis of Normal Community High School. 1994.

Sundeep Waslekar. Abolishing Nuclear Weapons: Rajiv Gandhi Plan Revisited. 1994.

Thomas A. Wuchte. Nuclear Weapons Storage in Russia: A Cooperative Approach to International Security in the 1990s. 1994.

Moonis Ahmar. Indo-Pakistan Normalization Process: The Role of CBMs in the Post-Cold War Era. 1993.

Roger E. Kanet. Coping with Conflict: The Role of the Russian Federation. 1993.

Chetan Kumar. Beyond Earth Summit '92: Redefining the International Security Agenda. 1993.

Eddie Mims. Should the United States Scrap the Treaty on Open Skies? 1993.

Frank Schorfheide. Economic Impacts of Cuts in Defense Spending. 1993.

Paul Diehl and Sonia Jurado. United Nations Election Supervision in South Africa? Lessons from the Namibian Peacekeeping Experience. 1992.

John W. R. Lepingwell. A Russian Reversal on SDI. 1992.

Brian V. Souders and Roger E. Kanet. Center-Periphery Relations: The Soviet Union, East-Central Europe, and the Union Republics. 1992.

Brian V. Souders and Roger E. Kanet. An Emerging Inter-State System: Russia and the Other Former Republics of the USSR. 1992.

Coe, Bonnie. Europe's Conventional Balance: `Tanks for the Memories'. 1991.

Diehl, Paul and Gary Goertz. Territorial Changes and Future International Conflict. 1991.

Goshal, Baladas. South Asian Security Dynamics: Problems and Prospects. 1991.

Kanet, Roger E. Soviet Policy Toward China: A Complex New Relationship. 1991.

Kanet, Roger E. with Garth T. Katner. From New Thinking to the Fragmentation of Consensus in Soviet Foreign Policy: The USSR and the Developing World. 1991.

Kanet, Roger E. and Brian V. Souders. Poland and The Soviet Union: The Post-Communist Relationship. 1991.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Renaissance in Security Studies? Caveat Lector! 1991.

Roberg, Jeffrey L. The Japanese Experience and Soviet Science Policy: A Comparative Institutional Case Study. 1991.

Roberg, Jeffrey L. and Roger E. Kanet. The Scientific-Technological Revolution: Soviet Views, Yesterday and Today. 1991.

Schroeder, Paul W. A Just, Unnecessary War: The Flawed American Strategy in the Persian Gulf. 1991.

Schroeder, Paul W. A Neo-Realist Theory of International Politics: A Historian's View. 1991.

Shackelford Jr., Collins G. Short Range Nuclear Forces: An Arms Control Perspective. 1991.

Wang, Kyne. The Importance of Ethnic Diversity to the Continued Success of the United States. 1991.

De Roose, Frank. The Study of Patriotism. 1990.

deGouvea Neto, Raul. How Brazil Competes in the Global Defense Industry. 1990.

Kanet, Roger E. Superpower Cooperation in Eastern Europe. 1990.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Solving the European Rubik's Cube. 1990.

Kolodziej, Edward A. The Impact of Governmental Institutions on US, British, and French Capabilities in Strategic Nuclear Policy Making. 1990.

Noojibail, Sheila. Detente in the Seventies and Eighties: A Comparison. 1990.

Pacek, Alex and Roger E. Kanet. Revolutionary Change in Eastern Europe: The Societal Basis of Political Reform. 1990.

Cohen, Stephen P. The Nuclear Futures of South Asia. 1989.

De Roose, Frank. Military Responses to Civilian-Based Defense. 1989.

De Roose, Frank. Need Military Aggressors Kill People? 1989.

De Roose, Frank. Self-Defense and National Defense. 1989.

Elder, Mark. Prospects for Stability in the European System. 1989.

Foley, John M. 1992: Implications for NATO. 1989.

Goodman, David G. Current Japanese Attitudes Toward the Jews and Their Implications for US-Japan Relations. 1989.

Gupta, Vipin P. The Mathematics of Modelling ICBM Dynamics. 1989.

Kolodziej, Edward A. United States Defense Policy: New Answers for Old Questions. 1989.

Miller, Clark A. The Soviet Defense Debate: Possible Outcomes and Impacts for NATO. 1989.

Cohen, Stephen P. Right for the Right Reasons: The Reagan Administration and India. 1988.

Gupta, Shekhar. Ethnic Conflict and State Security in South Asia: India's Punjab Crisis. 1988.

Kanet, Roger E. New Political Thinking and Soviet Foreign Policy. 1988.

Lamb, Frederick K. PREPRINT Monitoring Yields of Underground Nuclear Tests Using Hydrodynamic Methods. 1988.

Lamb, Frederick K. REPRINT Monitoring Yields of Underground Nuclear Tests Using Hydrodynamic Methods.1988.

McGlinn, Tom. PREPRINT. SDI: The Clouded Vision. 1988.

Nilssen, Lawrence R. Nordic NATO in Transition: Toward Turbulence in the 1990s? 1988.

Cohen, Stephen P. America and South Asia: Looking Ahead. 1987.

Cohen, Stephen P. Security, Peace and Stability in South Asia: An American Perspective. 1987.

Kolodziej, Edward A. SDI, Alliance Coherence, and East-West Nuclear Stability. 1987.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Franco-British Nuclearization in a Denuclearizing Europe. 1987.

Lamb, Frederick K. Monitoring Yields of Underground Nuclear Tests. 1987.

Ross, Andrew L. The Dimensions of Militarization in the Third World. 1987.

Esparza, Adrian. The Regional Impacts of Conversion: A Multi-Regional Modeling Approach. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. The Border Question: An Indian Perspective on India-China Relations for the 1990s. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. Malaysian Security as a Part of the British Empire in the Far East and India. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. Security Factors in the Emergence of Malaysia. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. Strategic Significance of Malaysia and Singapore. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. Anglo-Malaysian Relations (1957-1970s). 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. Who Wins--Who Loses? An Indian Overview. 1986.

Kakkar, Amaranth. South and Southeast Asia in International Security. 1986.

Khanna, D. D. Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia: Pakistan's Policy and Option. 1986.

Knabe, Carl F. The Nature of War: Early Warfare Establishes Later Patterns. 1986.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Whither Modernization and Militarization: Implications for International Security and Arms Control. 1986.

Kolodziej, Edward A. The Nuclear Deterrence Policies of the Western Democracies: Implications for Deterrence Theory and Nuclear Stability. 1986.

Kolodziej, Edward A. French and British Nuclear Forces: Implications for Arms Control. 1986.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Nuclear Weapons in Search of a Role. 1986.

Namboodiri, P. K. Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia: U.S. and Soviet Responses. 1986.

Ross, Andrew L. Arms Acquisition and National Security in the Third World. 1986.

Ross, Andrew L. The Diffusion of Power and Conventional Arms Production in the Third World: Implications for World Order. 1986.

Atkins, Stephen. The Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security Collection at the University of Illinois Library. 1985.

Boyle, Francis A. The Hypocrisy and Racism Behind the Formulation of US Human Rights Foreign Policy. 1985.

Cohen, Stephen P. The Military and Indian Democracy. 1985.

Cohen, Stephen P. The Military and Constitutionalism in India. 1985.

Cohen, Stephen P. The Security of South Asia: Regional Conflicts and External Induction. 1985.

Hadfield, Lt. Col Larry. Arms Control: Half a Loaf? 1985.

Kanet, Roger E. Soviet and East European Arms Transfers to the Third World: Strategic, Political, and Economic. 1985.

Kanet, Roger E. Soviet Propaganda and The Process of National Liberation. 1985.

Kanet, Roger E. Soviet Strategy in Southwest Asia and the Persian Gulf Region. 1985.

Kanet, Roger E. Western Europe in Soviet Global Strategy: Soviet Power and the Global Correlation of Forces. 1985.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Nuclear Weapons in Search of a Role: Evaluation of Recent American Strategic Nuclear and Arms Control Policy. 1985.

Kolodziej, Edward A. SDI and British-French Nuclear Modernization: Threats to Alliance Coherence, Cohesion, and Confidence and to East-West Nuclear Stability. 1985.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Raymond Aron: A Critical Retrospective and Prospective. 1985.

Kolodziej, Edward A. The Southern Flank: NATO's Neglected Front. 1985.

Mintz, Alex. The Evolution of Israel's Military Expenditures.1960-1983. 1985.

Nuri, Maqsud H. The Soviet-Cuban Military Intervention in Africa: A Theoretical Framework. 1985.

Schubert, Eberhard. French Arms Technology Transfers. 1985.

Boyle, Francis A. The Relevance of International Law to the So-Called `Paradox' of Strategic Nuclear Deterrence. 1984.

Chari, P. R. No-First-Use and the Defense of Europe. 1984.

Cohen, Stephen P. Dimensions of Militarism in South Asia. 1984.

Cohen, Stephen P. The Soviet Union and South Asia. 1984.

Cohen, Stephen P. U.S.-Pakistan Security Relations. 1984.

Kolodziej, Edward A. National Security and Modernization: Drive Wheels of Militarization. 1984.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Re-evaluating Economic and Technological Variables to Explain Global Arms Production and Sales. 1984.

Kolodziej, Edward A. The United States and Europe: Polarization or Pluralism. 1984.

Kolodziej , Edward A. and Claudio Cioffi-Revilla. Re-evaluating Deterrence Theory: The Search for A New Paradigm to Guide Research. 1984.

Lamb, Frederick K. Anti-Satellite Weapons. 1984.

Naim, S. Rashid. Asia's Day After: Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan? 1984.

Cohen, Stephen P. Soviet Interests in South Asia. 1983.

Cohen, Stephen P. India, South Asia, and the Superpowers: War and Society. 1983.

Kanet, Roger E. Security Issues in Soviet African Policy. 1983.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Economic Determinants of the Transfer of Arms and Military Technology Under the French Fifth Republic. 1983.

Kolodziej, Edward A. Socialist France Faces the World. 1983.

Lamb, Frederick K. Could a Nuclear Freeze Work? 1983.

Rizvi, Hasan-Askari. Pakistan: Ideology and Foreign Policy. 1983.

Rizvi, Hasan-Askari. The Paradox of the Military Rule in Pakistan. 1983.

Rizvi, Hasan-Askari. Pakistan: Arms Production and Trade. 1983.

Boyle, Francis A. The Entebbe Hostage Crisis. 1982.

Cohen, Stephen P. State-Building and State-Breaking in Pakistan. 1982.

Cohen, Stephen P. India: New Elements of Understanding or Continuation of the Confrontation. 1982.

Kolodziej, Edward A. French Security Policy: Decisions and Dilemmas. 1982.

Kanet, Roger E. The Superpowers and Africa: Zero-Sum Conceptions in Soviet-American Competition. 1982.

Wade, Dan. Guide to Newspaper and Current Periodical Literature. 1982.

Boyle, Francis A. The Law of Power Politics. 1981.

Kolodziej, Edward A. French Arms Transfers and the Military-Industrial Complex. 1980.

Cohen, Stephen P. Perception, Influence, and Weapons Proliferation in South Asia. 1979.

Osgood, Charles E. Psycho-Social Dynamics and the Prospects For Mankind. 1978.