March 24, 2017

Swords and Ploughshares

Swords and Ploughshares (1986-present) is a periodic journal published by the Program in Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security (ACDIS) at the University of Illinois. Each issue features a collection of articles focusing on a coherent international security topic.

The following listing contains information about issues of the ACDIS periodic bulletin, Swords and Ploughshares. Click on an issue's title and publication data to access more information and the full issue or individual articles in PDF. Print versions of back issues can be requested by contacting the ACDIS office, but availability is not guaranteed.

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Vol XIX / No. 1 / Summer 2011: The End of National European Armies?
- Richelle Bernazzoli, Introduction
- Alistair J.K. Shepherd, The Lisbon Treaty and CSDP: Is the EU Closer to a European Army?
- Jean-Yves Haine, CSDP is Dead. Long Live CSDP!
- Jolyon Howorth, The European Union in (In-)Action: Brussels and the Arab Spring

Vol XVIII / No. 1 / Fall 2010: Reassessing Nuclear South Asia
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, Introduction
- P. R. Chari, Reflections and Lessons Learned from the Indian and Pakistani 1998 Nuclear Tests
- Bharath Gopalaswamy and Moeed Yusuf , Nuclear South Asia: Implications of the Indian and Pakistani Arsenals
- Rizwan Zeb, Pakistan's Nukes: How Safe is Safe Enough?
- Dinshaw Mistry, The Strategic, Economic, and Environmental Implications of the US-India Nuclear Agreement
- T.S. Gopi Rethinaraj and Clifford E. Singer , Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty: Revisiting Indian and Pakistani Options
- Atif Irfan, Matthew A. Rosenstein, Todd Robinson, and Jasbir Rakhra , Nuclear South Asia since 1998: A Timeline

Vol XVII / No. 2 / Summer 2009: Sustainable Biofuels and Human Security
- Jürgen Scheffran and Gale Summerfield (editors), Introduction
- Jürgen Scheffran, Biofuel Conflicts and Human Security: Toward a Sustainable Bioenergy Life Cycle and Infrastructure
- Hans P. Blaschek, Prospects for the New Bioeconomy
- Clifford E. Singer, Biofuels in the Broader Context
- Mary Arends-Kuenning, Biofuels and Global Poverty
- Anil Hira, Biofuels: Getting to the Real Facts and Promise about the Food vs. Fuel Debate
- Timothy M. Smith, Kristell Miller, and Justin Lindenberg, Sustainable Biofuel Standards and Certification
- Steffen Mueller and Ken Copenhaver, Use of Remote Sensing to Measure Land Use Change from Biofuel Production
- Gale Summerfield, A Note on China in the Global Biofuel Scenario

Vol XVII / No. 3 / Fall 2009: Global Security, Climate Change, and the Arctic
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, Introduction
- William L. Chapman, Arctic Climate Change: Recent and Projected
- Klaus Dodds, From Frozen Desert to Maritime Domain: New Security Challenges in an Ice-Free Arctic
- Ingrid Lundestad, US Security Policy and Regional Relations in a Warming Arctic
- Michael Byers, Conflict or Cooperation: What Future for the Arctic?

Vol XVII / No. 1 / Winter 2008-9: US-EU-Russia: New Strategic Dynamics after Bush
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, Introduction
- Roger E. Kanet, Russia and Europe: An Imbalanced Relationship
- Carol S. Leff, The Old Soviet Bloc: Whose New Europe?
- Robert B. Brannon, Hollow Swords: Russia's Military Today—Implications for the US and Europe

Vol XVI / No. 2 / Summer 2008: Can NATO Survive Afghanistan?
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, Introduction
- Stanley R. Sloan, Why Should We Think NATO Can Survive Afghanistan?
- Ryan C. Hendrickson, NATO's Missions Beyond Afghanistan
- Paul F. Diehl, Problems with NATO Peace Operations in Afghanistan
- Edward A. Kolodziej, After Afghanistan: Whither the Coalition of Democratic States?

Vol XVI / No. 1 / Winter 2007-8: The Future of Kashmir
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, Introduction
- Suba Chandran, Jammu & Kashmir: India's Strategies and Objectives
- , Pakistan's Changing Outlook on Kashmir
- Mehraj Hajni, The Kashmir Conflict: A Kashmiri Perspective
- Howard B. Schaffer, The International Community and Kashmir
- Jabin T. Jacob, China and Kashmir
- Dipankar Sengupta, Policy Making in a Terrorist Economy
- Seema Sridhar, Kashmir and Water: Conflict and Cooperation

Vol XV / No. 3 / Winter 2003-4: South Asian Security
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Suba Chandran, Monitoring an Active Indo-Pak Border: A Case for Neutral Observers
- Faisal Cheema, The Promise of Contemporary Pakistan
- Nasrullah Mirza, External Security and the Issue of Development in Pakistan
- Jaideep Saikia and Wang Hongwei, Giants at Peace: India and China

Vol XV / No. 2 / Fall 2003: Fall Newsletter Edition
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, From the Associate Director
- [no author], ACDIS Activities
- Clifford E. Singer, The Last Major International War?
- [no author], Visiting ACDIS Staff Profiles
- [no author], ACDIS Student News
- Matthew A. Rosenstein, ACDIS Alumna Profile: Nancy Gallagher

Vol XV / No. 1 / Summer 2003: Rethinking Terrorism
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Mary Jo White, Prosecuting Terrorism in the Criminal Justice System
- Swarna Rajagopalan, Of Militants, Martyrs, Nations and States: Kashmir and Sri Lanka
- Sheldon W. Simon, Rethinking Terrorism in Southeast Asia
- , Terrorism and Antisemitism in Japan
- Jean E. Jackson, Plan Colombia and the Andean Initiative: Counter-Terrorism or State Terrorism?

Vol XIV / No. 3 / Winter 2002: War with Iraq?
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Clifford E. Singer, Coerced Disarmament of Iraq
- Shannon O'Lear, Disengagement: The Oil Question
- Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Deterrence of Iraq, Damage to the Oil Market, and Democratization in Iran
- Kenneth M. Cuno, War?: The View from the Arab Middle East

Vol XIV / No. 1 / Summer 2002: Homeland Defense and Global Concert?
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Richard L. Jaehne, Homeland Security in Illinois: The Way Ahead
- Sheldon H. Jacobson and John E. Kobza, A New Era for Aviation Security
- David LaRivee, Attacking the Financial Roots of Terrorism
- Marvin G. Weinbaum, Global Markets, National Security, and Equitable Societies
- Shannon O'Lear, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the United States: Power Shift in the Caucasus or Business as Usual?
- Hadi Salehi Esfahani, Popular Attitudes in the Middle East towards the United States: Is Iran Different?
- , Threats and Perceptions of Nuclear War in South Asia

Vol XIV / No. 2 / Fall 2002: Fall Newsletter
- Clifford E. Singer, From the Director
- [no author], ACDIS Staff Profiles
- [no author], Former ACDIS Directors
- [no author], ACDIS Student News
- [no author], ACDIS Activities

Vol XIII / No. 1 / Spring 2001: Will Mankind Survive the Millennium?
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Clifford E. Singer, Will Mankind Survive the Millennium?
- Robert Whiting, What will the “New World Order” Be? A System of International Rule of Law, International Anarchy, or International Apartheid?
- Valerie J. Hoffman, What Role Do Religious and Cultural Identities Play in a Global Society?
- David Smyth, Keeping Up With Modern Science: The Growing Need for Practical Ethics and Public Knowledge
- Emilie Woods, Bad Design: A Case against Cosmetic Applications of Biotechnology
- Bruce Chassy, What Will Twelve Billion People Eat in 2040
- Sarah Elizabeth Croco, Dealing With the Biological Weapons Threat: Thinking Beyond Unilateral Action

Vol XII / No. 1 / Spring 2000: South Asia's Nuclear Tests
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Dinshaw Mistry, Diplomacy, Sanctions, and the U.S. Nonproliferation Dialogue
- Dinshaw Mistry, After the Nuclear Tests: A Chronology
- Stephen P. Cohen, India and the United States: Building a New Relationship
- Sunil Dasgupta, Seeking the Tryst with Technology
- Clifford E. Singer, Comments on Sustainable Defence

Vol XI / No. 1-2 / 1999: The Kosovo Crisis
- Clifford E. Singer, Introduction
- Carol S. Leff, The Kosovo Crisis
- Edward A. Kolodziej, Are We Asking the Right Questions?
- Paul W. Schroeder, The Real Problem
- Richard L. Jaehne, NATO Alliance: Crisis in Transition
- Judith Pintar, Playing to Lose, Playing to Win

Vol X / No. / 1996-1997: The Three Asias: Are They a Region?
- Marvin G. Weinbaum, Introduction--The Three Asias: Security, Economic, and Cultural Linkages across Central, West, and South Asia
- S. Neil MacFarlane, The Three Asias: Are They a New Region?
- Rajesh Basrur, Conceptualizing the Three Asias
- Marvin G. Weinbaum, Political Economy and the Three Asias
- H. Askari Rizvi, Domestic Politics, External Linkages, and Security
- Robert O. Freedman, Russia and Central Asia under Yeltsin
- Russell G. Zanca, Kyrgyz-Uzbek Ethnic Relations in Osh
- Alexei Vassiliev, Forces of Attraction and Repulsion in Central Asia

Vol IX / No. 3-4 / Spring-Summer 1995: Hiroshima: A Retrospective
- Stephen P. Cohen, Introduction
- Albert Wattenberg, The Decision to Bomb Hiroshima
- William Widenor, A Government in Disarray
- Kevin Doak, Hiroshima as History: Some Preliminary Thoughts
- David G. Goodman, Responses to Hiroshima in Japanese Literature
- David M. Desser, Japan: An Ambivalent Nation, an Ambivalent Cinema
- John Lie, Outside the Park
- Edward A. Kolodziej, Lessons of Hiroshima: A Geopolitical Perspective
- John Wedge, The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty
- Jason Zych, Iraq and the Bomb
- [no author] , Bibliography

Vol IX / No. 2 / Winter 1994-1995: Civil Conflict Resolution
- , Introduction
- Edward A. Kolodziej, Dilemmas of Self-Determination
- Keely Lange, Long-Term Causes of Conflict in Central Asia
- Badredine Arfi, The Process of State Implosion
- Lawrence Finkelstein, PDD-25: A New Failure of Nerve?
- Collins Shackelford, Humanitarian Assistance and Military Forces
- Jerzy Ciechanski, Misuse of Enforcement by the U.N. Security Council
- , The Role of Technology in Civil Conflict Resolution

Vol VIII / No. 2-3 / Winter-Spring 1994: International and Civil Conflict Resolution: Third-Party Intervention
- , Introduction
- Chetan Kumar, Westphalia Revisited
- Paul F. Diehl, Regional Alternatives to UN Peacekeeping Operations
- Keely Lange, Intervention and Conflict Resolution in Central Asia
- Gerardo L Munck, Multilateral Initiatives in Defense of Democracy
- Collins Shackelford, Military Operations Other Than War
- Stephen P. Cohen, SARI: A Peace Process for South Asia

Vol VIII / No. 1 / Fall 1993: Conflict and Peace in the Emerging "New World Order"
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Edward A. Kolodziej, Thinking about Coping with Conflict
- Peter A. Fritzsche, The Puzzle Pieces of Germany
- William F. Kelleher, The Prospects for Peace in Northern Ireland
- Paul F. Diehl, Book Review—Peacekeeping: Challenges for the Future

Vol VII / No. 4 / Summer 1993: Japan and the Developing World
- David G. Goodman, Introduction
- Robert Immerman, Japan in a Multilateral Dimension
- Richard Bradshaw, Japanese Interest in Africa: A Historical Overview
- Barbara Stallings, Japan and Latin America: Prospects for the 1990s
- David Arase, Japan and East Asia: Peace and Happiness through Co-prosperity

Vol VII / No. 3 / Spring 1993: India's Future
- Eddie Mims, Introduction
- Indira Rajaraman, Recent Economic Reforms in India
- Dilip Mohite, India: The Fourth Great Power?
- , India and Track-Two Diplomacy
- Keely Lange, Perspectives across the Pamirs
- Partha Ghosh, Rams Devotees and Babur's Offspring
- Akmal Siddiq, India as a Good Neighbor

Vol VII / No. 2 / Winter 1992-1993: Post-Cold War World Transformations
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Arun Elhance, Geography and Hydropolitics
- Carol S. Leff, Triple Transition in Eastern Europe
- Gerardo L Munck, Ideology and Democracy in Latin America
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, The Legacy of Nuclear Weapons

Vol VI / No. 3 & 4 / Spring-Summer 1992: Europe after the Two Blocs
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Larry Neal, Europe 1992
- Donald Hodgman, Monetary and Economic Union in the EC
- John McKay, Europe in the 1990s: Still Divided
- Richard Merritt, Berlin in Transition
- Karl-Heinz Schoeps, Intellectuals and Political Change: East Germany
- Marianna Tax Choldin, Information in Post-Communist Societies
- Richard Kanet and Brian Souders, One Foreign Policy or Twelve?
- Peter A. Fritzsche, Book Review

Vol VII / No. 1 / Fall 1992: Stories from Russia and the Post-Soviet States
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Marybeth Peterson, Inside the Enigma
- Terry Clark, Lithuanian Security Issues
- James Alexander, Russia in Flux: Views from Below
- James Finlay, Soap Opera to Soup Kitchen-Moscow in the Summer of 1992
- Tamara Resler, Going it Alone: Post-Soviet Lithuania

Vol VI / No. 1 & 2 / Fall-Winter 1991: Student Articles
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- John Beeler, Defense Spending and Technological Change
- David Murphy, Geopolitics and International Relations: A Cautionary Tale
- Robert Mattes, Pictures in the Head
- Daniel Worthington, Inventive Genious or Scientific Research
- Jeffery Roberg, Assesment of Quality: Military Production in the Former Soviet Union
- Gärth Katner, The Road to Hell? Mediating Conflict in the Next World Order

Vol V / No. 3 / Spring 1991: Whose New World Order?
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Paul W. Schroeder, A Great Step Back from a New World Order
- Diane P. Koenker, The USSR and the Gulf War: Whose New World Order?
- Bill Nasson, Americanism and the New World Order
- Charles Stewart, Unheard Voices in the Gulf Conflict
- David Prochaska, "Disappearing" Iraqis

Vol V / No. 4 / Summmer 1991: Electronic Media in War and Peace
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Daniel Schorr, The Electronic Media in War and Peace
- Donald P. Mullally, The Other Front, behind Your Eyes
- Sandra Braman, Behind the Face of Television and War
- Zohreh T. Sullivan, Representing the Gulf War: The Electronic Media
- Jerry M. Landay, Crisis in the Air: Television in America

Vol V / No. 2 / Winter 1991: South Asian Security
- Stephen P. Cohen, Introduction
- Kousar Azam, South Asian Security in a Changing World
- Baladas Ghoshal, The Arms Race in Southeast Asia
- Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema, The Kashmir Cobweb: Can It Be Resolved?

Vol V / No. 1 / Fall 1990: New Situations, New Understandings for US Policy
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Martin Weinstein, Japan’s Foreign Policy Options: Implications for the United States
- Clark Cunningham, Southeast Asia after Colonialism and the Cold War
- Marvin G. Weinbaum, Afghanistan and Pakistan: Antagonism or Cooperation?
- Edward A. Kolodziej, Whence and Whither Europe?

Vol IV / No. 4 / May 1990: Technology and Arms Control
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Vipin Gupta, Multinational Verification: ERS-1
- Bruce Callen, CORRTEX and Limits on Nuclear Testing
- Thomas McGlinn, Scientists, Secrecy, and the Soundbite: Science and Technology Advice in the US Political Process
- Jeremy York, Nuclear Power Industry and the Nonproliferation Regime
- Clifford E. Singer and Jon W. Neuhoff, Nuclear Materials in South Asia
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov

Vol IV / No. 3 / March 1990: Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Diane P. Koenker, Speculations on the Fate of the Soviet Union and Mikhail Gorbachv
- Carol S. Leff, Anatomy of Revolutions
- Roger E. Kanet, Poland, Escape from the Abyss?
- Clark A. Miller, Changing Perceptions of Soviet Intent
- , Soviet Civil-Military Relations under Gorbachev

Vol IV / No. 2 / December 1989: Student Articles
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Nancy Gallagher, Arms Control Verification: A Technical or Political Process
- Kanti Bajpai, Secrity and Regional Association in South Asia
- Gärth Katner, What Is to Be Done? Sovie "New Thinking" in the Middle East
- Susan M. Burns, Preventing Nuclear War between India and Pakistan
- Robert Bontempo, The Negotiation Process: Insights from Behavioral Decision Theory

Vol IV / No. 1 / October 1989: Historical Context of International Relations
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Paul W. Schroeder, The Nineteenth Century System: Balance of Power or Political Equilibrium
- John A. Lynn, Louis XIV and the Fallacies of Absolute Security
- Mark H. Leff, World War II, American-Style: The Mystique of Home Front Sacrifice
- Peter A. Fritzsche, Air-mindedness and the Authoritarian State

Vol III / No. 4 / May 1989: Jane Addams: Social Work, Women and Peace
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Katherine A. Kendall, Jane Addams, Pacifist
- Daniel E. Sanders, Social Work Values, Nonviolence, Peace, and Development
- Lela B. Costin, Reflections on the 1915 International Congress of Women for Peace
- Ketayun H. Gould, International Perspective on Women, Development, and Peace

Vol III / No. 3 / March 1989: Nuclear Superpowers and Nuclear Have-Nots
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Stephen P. Cohen, Our Bomb and Theirs: Reflections on McGeorge Bundy's Danger and Survival
- De Roose , Beyond the Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence
- S. Plous, Political Illiteracy: A Threat to International Security
- Amit Gupta, What Do We Do about Chemical Weapons?

Vol III / No. 2 / December 1988: Student Articles
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Susan M. Burns, Verification of an Indian-Pakistani Nonproliferation Agreement
- Amit Gupta, India's Military Buildup
- Bradley R. Gitz, The Soviet Weapons Monopoly
- Hongchan Chun, Soviet-Chinese Competition in the Third World
- Frank Margonis, National Educational Policy and the Processes of Education

Vol III / No. 1 / October 1988: Afghanistan, the Soviet Union and United States
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Marvin G. Weinbaum, Soviet Strategies and the Afghan Refugees
- Kaherine T. Walter , Humanitarian Assistance in Foreign Policy: The Afghan Case
- David G. Goodman, Japanese Anti-Semitism: A Problem in US-Japanese Relations
- John A. Lynn, Learning from the Last War: The New Military Critique of the Vietnam Conflict

Vol II / No. 2 / May 1988: Undergraduate Articles
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Deron Jackson, MBFR, CSCE, CDE, INF: Pieces of the "Disordered Puzzle"
- Mark Elder, Reassessing the Soviet Threat
- Bonnie Coe, "New Political Thinking" and the Future of NATO
- Mark Elder, Burden Sharing

Vol II / No. 1 / October 1987: Failures of Policy and Planning
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Paul Bernard, Fatal Illusion
- Edward A. Kolodziej and Roger E. Kanet, The Soviet Union and the Developing World
- Stephen P. Cohen, America and South Asia
- Nancy Gallagher Wiesler, Book Review Nuclear Fallacy

Vol I / No. 3 / May 1987: Overlooked Elements of Policy Making
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- David G. Goodman, Creative Language Use and World Order
- R. V. R. Chandrasekhara Rao, India and Nuclear Weapons Option
- David M. Desser, At War With the Movies
- Francis A. Boyle, The Lawlessness of Nuclear Deterrence

Vol I / No. 2 / March 1987: Learning from Military History
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- Robert M. Berdahl, Lessons of Military History
- John A. Lynn, World War I and World War II as Historical Metaphor
- Geoffrey Parker, Military History and the Rise of the West
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Learning from Experience with Arms Control
- John A. Lynn, On Military History

Vol I / No. 1 / December 1986: Nuclear Test Explosions
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Introduction
- [no author] , Arthur B. Chilton—1918-1986: an ACDIS Pioneer
- Frederick K. Lamb, Nuclear Test Bans: the Verification Issues
- Jeremiah D. Sullivan, Nuclear Test Bans: the Policy Issues
- Jeff McMahan, Did the Bishops Ban the Bomb?